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Interhack is a provider of a variety of tools and services, for the purpose of building the Internet, securely.

Why ``Interhack''? It's an invented compound word, made up of the prefix inter- (carrying such connotations as ``among'', ``reciprocal'', and ``deriving from two or more'') and the root word hack (which could be succinctly defined as `an appropriate application of ingenuity.') A longer description is also available.

We're the good guys, building systems that all work with each other, reliably. This is the site of Interhack Research, where we study systems that are widely deployed in order to understand the effects (and side-effects) of systems as they interact with each other. This work is geared toward helping developers to understand how to avoid problems by building systems that are trustworthy.

The Interhack Web had its start in the summer of 1997, originally conceived as a virtual soapbox for a small computing research group. From that time forward, the site grew slowly but regularly into a repository of information about Internet infrastructure, security, and privacy.

If you're interested in more technical details of the site's implementation, see our colophon.

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