about this site

This site has been constructed by both handwritten HTML and conversion utilities like latex2html and texi2html. Handcrafted HTML is done with XEmacs and its excellent PSGML-mode.

Additionally, some of the content is dynamically generated, thanks to the Perl and Common Lisp programming languages. Both CLISP and CMU CL are in use here.

We make every effort to ensure that our site adheres closely to relevant web standards, as defined by the W3C and IETF. Frankly, we don't care what client you're using, and we're not going to optimize for one over others. As a result, our site is just as functional on wireless web devices as it is in Mozilla or Internet Exploder. (There's a lesson in there: write your HTML properly and you don't need to put any special stuff online to service wireless devices.)

Images have been developed primarily using The Gimp.

Content is delivered in various forms thanks to the FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris operating systems. We use the Apache web server.

We invite anyone who's interested in how something has been done to examine the HTML source to our site, the source to the programs we give away, and to examine the images that we use. Like anything else, one of the best way to learn an art is to watch how others have done it. We've tried to set as good an example as possible in how the web should be built.

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Matt Curtin
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