Contacting the Posse

We'll try to make this as easy as possible. Yes, we strongly prefer email contact. In general, we answer email the same day it's received.

Inquiries about our products, services, employment opportunities, etc.
See our corporate contact page.
Press inquiries:
Requests for interviews and for other information should be sent to our press help address; please do not call to initiate contact. We are sensitive to journalists' deadlines and provide this interface so we can get you in touch with the right person quickly.
Feedback on published and in-progress research:
Should be directed to the individual investigators. Their contact information should be listed in relevant publications or on the appropriate project page.
Looking for a job?
Though we don't have any specific positions open, we're always on the lookout for someone with a clue. Send résumés and cover letters to cmcurtin. PDF, PostScript, and plain text graciously accepted. Word documents go straight to /dev/null, unread. We are never looking for entry-level applicants. If you can't walk on water yet, find an open source software project to help and get back with us a bit later.
Technical questions:
If you're looking for free assistance, please post to Usenet. If you don't have a news feed yourself, try DejaNews. Sorry, we just don't have the resources to provide a service for freely answering such requests, though we are active members of Usenet, and might answer your question there.
Anything else:
Please send email to the help address.

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Matt Curtin
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