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As of June 2001, this news index will be limited to Interhack Research activity. Commercial work, most speaking engagements, etc., will be announced on the corporate site's news index.

February 6, 2007
Release of DESCHALL Source code in conjunction with the 2007 RSA Conference.
April 23, 2006
William Paul Vrotney releases version 1.21.2 of Lisp Plus Plus.
December 12, 2005
Release of our first report of the Digital Media Project, Analysis of Compact Disc Digital Rights Management.
January 21, 2005
Brute Force: Cracking the Data Encryption Standard, the book on the 1997 DESCHALL project, is released, and will appear in stores in early March 2005.
February 18, 2004
William Paul Vrotney's Lisp Plus Plus version 1.21 is now available.
February 18, 2004
William Paul Vrotney's Action Groups for Emacs version 2.3 now available.
February 18, 2004
William Paul Vrotney's Vanilla Lisp Shell version 1.2 is now available.
September 27, 2003
Eugene Sandulenko delivers a technical talk at the Second Annual OSDN Ukraine conference, "Common Myths on Common Lisp."
July 15, 2003
Interhack's Digital Media Project releases its first tool, cdverity.
June 20, 2003
Interhack releases an analysis of a scheme to collect eBay users' login credentials and credit card numbers.
May 7, 2002
We release our Technical Discussion of Spectorsoft's spyware package for Windows. A more consumer-oriented announcement can be found on our corporate site.
March 5, 2002
We've released our remarks on the NIST draft document, Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers.
February 28, 2002
Interhack releases PCFriendly Enables DVD Backchannels, showing how adding Web content to a DVD might have more drastic implications than originally imagined.
July 21, 2001
New release of Shibboleth, version 2.2.0. Fixes a weakness in digital signature handling and now supports killing ads at the bottom of messages.
July 17, 2001
Bugfix release of Shibboleth, now at version 2.1.2.
June 26, 2001
Shibboleth version 2.1.0 has been released, fixing several small bugs and introducing the feature of interactive management.
June 22, 2001
Interhack opens its new corporate web site at Here's the deal: this site will stay up and running as Interhack Research and stay focused on the technical stuff. All of the corporate hype and hire-us-we're-so-cool stuff that gets spewed by the marketing people who tell us we need to do that to look like a real company goes over there. We think it's pretty cool, though, since unlike a lot of our competitors' corporate sites, ours actually says something useful.
June 7, 2001
Interhack announces its sponsorship of Privacy2001, the conference for bridging the gaps among the needs of business, government, consumers, and privacy advocates. Subtitled "Information, Security & Ethics in the New Century", the conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 2-4, 2001.
May 27, 2001
rotatelog version 1.7 is now available.
May 22, 2001
Shibboleth version 2.0.5 has been released, fixing several small bugs and introducing the feature of filtering message parts by MIME types.
May 15, 2001
Shibboleth, privacy and security aware mailing list manager, version 2.0.3, has been released.
May 9, 2001
Matt Curtin speaks at the 10th Ohio Employment Law Conference on the limited role that technology can play in an effective fight against attackers.
May 1, 2001
Our logrotate becomes known as rotatelog and we release rotatelog 1.3. This fixes an important (but rarely encountered) problem in logrotate 1.10, so we recommend upgrading.
April 6, 2001
Interhack Services, Inc. formed, TraiCom Services acquisition completed, John Barrett joins Interhack.
April 1, 2001
Release of Shibboleth as a package, available via HTTP from SourceForge.
March 2, 2001
Alpha release of private mailing list manager Shibboleth, originally presented at the 9th USENIX Security Symposium, on the SourceForge open source development community.
February 15, 2001
Site facelift.
February 5, 2001
Version 0.7 of rcpp-mode is now available. Now includes texinfo documentation.
January 26, 2001
Release of gfe's ksh-mode version 2.14.
January 12, 2001
Availability of "When are we going to get it right?", a keynote talk by cmcurtin given on November 1, 2000 at the InterLab 2000 Conference.
December 4, 2000
Release of version 10.0 of the Internet Firewalls FAQ, a compilation of common questions (and answers!) about the design and implementation of internet firewalls.
November 27, 2000
Release of Pelendur: Steward of the Sysadmin, a paper describing a highly automated computer account management system. (To be presented at LISA 2000.)
November 10, 2000
Release of rcpp-mode 0.6.
October 25, 2000
Release of Bank One Online Puts Customer Account Information at Risk. Several weaknesses in the design and implementation of Bank One's online banking system puts customer information--including credit and debit card numbers--at risk of exposure.
October 2, 2000
Interhack is sponsoring a Lisp programming contest.
August 24, 2000
TRUSTe uses web bugs to track users who visit their site. See the highlights in our release and the complete story in our report A Failure to Communicate: When a Privacy Seal Doesn't Help.
August 1, 2000
Coremetrics issues a response that demonstrates that they fundamentally fail to understand that this is a question of risk so we have a response.
July 31, 2000
General announcement of the latest Interhack Internet Privacy Project paper, Getting To Know You (Intimately): Surreptitious Privacy Invasion on the E-Commerce Web.
May 26, 2000
Opening of the announce mailing list, for folks who want to be told about our latest activity.
May 18, 2000
Our upstream provider suffers a network outage, putting our site offline... (You know those signs that say "call before you dig"? Well, someone didn't.)
May 18, 2000
c|net publishes a story about some of our findings.
May 17, 2000
Release of CookiePokey which will demonstrate the DoubleClick ad server problem.
May 15, 2000
Release of two privacy advisories, one because of a misfeature in Netscape and the other because of a bug in DoubleClick's ad server.
March 2000
Interhack organizes into a corporation and expands its service offerings.
February 9, 2000
First public release of Shibboleth: Private Mailing List Manager
January 23, 2000
The Shibboleth Project public pages begin life.
January 20, 2000
Announcement of the Circumventing Filters Project.
October 2, 1999
TraiCom Services Inc joins the Interhack Posse.
September 8, 1999
It just gets better and better.
September 7, 1999
Our little problem with Network Solutions gets better. They put us "on hold"--without there being any way to tell except to call them--on a day where it's impossible to call them for non-payment of an invoice we never received. That's what I call customer service.
September 6, 1999
Network Solutions, Inc. sticks it to the posse through their boneheaded policy and inability to be contacted on a holiday.
August 5, 1999
New paper: Creating an Environment for Reusable Software Research: A Case Study in Reusability.
August 5, 1999
Release of rcpp-mode, an Emacs major mode for editing RESOLVE/C++ code.
April 17, 1999
What's Related? Fallout
April 12, 1999
New release of gfe's ksh-mode.el.

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