Where did our nameservers go?

On September 6, I noticed that the root nameservers lost the NS (nameserver) records for I sent email to the posse, which said, in part:
Network Solutions Inc., responsible for the InterNIC registration and name service for the COM, ORG, and NET top-level domains, has made an error in its DNS. The result is that INTERHACK.NET does not exist as of this morning's root nameserver refreshes. As today is a holiday, I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone at NSI. Their web site is useless. As a last resort, I sent email to informing them of the problem and demanding an immediate fix, but I frankly doubt that I'll hear anything.

Lovely. Of course, the next day, we learned a bit more...

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Matt Curtin
Last modified: Thu Sep 9 10:38:06 EDT 1999