TraiCom Joins the Posse

In an effort to provide the clients of Interhack and TraiCom greater service, we have joined our organizations. TraiCom Services brings the real-world IS department experience and business focus to Interhack's technological wizardry. Together, now a single organization can provide the sort of innovative solutions that come from seasoned scientists and engineers in a way that will make sense to business professionals and show rapid return on investment.

The information that was found on the TraiCom web site is now available here.

We invite you to read our publications, review our projects, see the services we offer, and some of the results we have provided our clients.

No doubt, you'll see (as did we) how the relative strengths of our organizations will prove useful together.

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Matt Curtin
Last modified: Sun Jun 24 12:05:43 EDT 2001