About the Snake Oil Gauge

The Snake Oil Gauge is a simple CGI application implemented in Perl. Original ``gauge'' idea and implementation by my buddy Doug Monroe. This implementation by Matt Curtin, based on Doug's original, but made to use Lincoln Stein's excellent CGI.pm Perl module, and debugged on a laptop computer running FreeBSD en route to Columbus, Ohio from Lexington, Kentucky. (I talked my wife into driving so I could hack on the way!)

In keeping with my belief of the importance in making resources on the web open and free of application and operating system specific requirements, this should work with any browser that supports HTML 3.1 or better. I've tested the system with Netscape Navigator 3.0-US and w3-mode under XEmacs 19.15.


This is an even more simplistic view of a simplistic view of evaluating cryptography products. Because so many factors are involved in determining the security of a given system, it just isn't possible to give a reasonable evaluation by answering 10 or so yes/no questions. However, that is enough to eliminate many of the more obnoxious (and more dangerous) products available.

C Matthew Curtin
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