httpd-p -- Query httpd daemons and report their types and versions


httpd-p inputfile


httpd-p accepts input from a file specified as the first argument. The format of the file is:

Sites whose port number is not specified (with :port notation) will be queried on port 80.

Errors including sites that could not be queried will be reported on STDERR; results will be sent to STDOUT, in the form

  9 : some_server/1.0
  8 : another_server/1.4
  1 : another_server/1.2
  1 : still_another


Returns 0 on success, 1 otherwise.


If you want to check all of the servers listed in /tmp/httpd-hosts, and want to send your output to /tmp/httpd-results, with errors being kept in /tmp/httpd-failures, you might try the following, which assumes a sensible shell, i.e., a Bourne-shell derivative:

 httpd-p /tmp/httpd-hosts >/tmp/httpd-results 2>/tmp/httpd-failures

(How to do this sort of redirection with csh is an excercise left to the reader, perhaps one that will cause him to conclude to change shells.)


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