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This is where you will find a small collection of my recent occasions to stand upon my proverbial soap box to give hopefully correct, always based on fact or personal observation, and usually longwinded tirades on various subjects. I'm afraid that these tend to center around computer and (especially) security stuff, but that's simply a reflection of my own interests and line of work. These opinions are mine only, and do not necessarily agree with my employer, my mother, the recipients of my tax dollars, or anyone else.

As things come up, I do braindumps and update the pages here. Stop by from time to time if you like what you're reading. Also, feel free to comment on anything you see here, even (or maybe especially) if you disagree. Please indicate whether I may reproduce your mail in my rants area. I'm perfectly willing to host an intelligent, opposing viewpoint.

The Help Desk
Another satisfied customer.
Push Media Sucks
Its an insult to your intelligence. Fight it.
Why Spam Sucks
Spam sucks. Spam is stupid. Spam doesn't work.
Why I Hate
Or, "How to make everyone on the net hate you".
Why I Hate SIGS Publications
A cautionary tale for businesses that are thinking about having third parties manage email contacts to their customers. Do it wrong and it'll hurt you, you'll get rid of the fool who hoses your name, and you'll hire someone else to do the deed instead. And they won't appreciate cleaning up the mess that has been left behind.
Which OS Should I Use?
Unix isn't perfect, but chosing something worse isn't going to make your life easier. Trust me.
Pokin' Holes in the Firewall
Accessing America Online, CompuServe, Microsoft Network, etc., through your firewall. How you can, why you shouldn't.
How Do I Test My Firewall?
So I got this thing up and running. Now what?
Industry Analyst Spewage
Where do these guys come up with this stuff?
Microsoft and Scalability
Use NT and IIS so your corporate web site can look like Microsoft's!

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