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I am a hacker. My particular area of expertise is in computer and network security. I have a real passion for making systems bulletproof: for technology to become the basis of all of our businesses, personal lives, etc., it must provide some degree of security. Because of my love of technology and desire to give everyone the power that comes from the possession and use thereof, I am continually looking for ways to make things secure against attack, in addition to new ways of doing things entirely.

I am the founder of Interhack Corporation a firm that started life as a technology research group and has since grown into a full-service consulting organization with practice areas in forensic computing, information assurance, and trustworthy computing. We focus on building systems that need to be understood "in the large", particularly building and managing trustworthy systems. In Spring, I also teach CIS 459.31 (Programming in Common Lisp) at The Ohio State University's Department of Computer and Information Science. From 1998 until sometime in 2000, I was also a "senior systems developer/engineer" at OSU.

Until we tanked around the end of 1997, I was Chief Scientist at Megasoft Online. (We tanked before tanking was cool!) What was left became known as SilverSpan for a hot second, before becoming Metatec Internet Products Group, which continued to develop and to market WebTransporter.

Previously, I held the position of "Chief Hacker" for Fahlgren, an advertising agency which I helped move into the realm of interactive media such as the Internet and World Wide Web. Additionally, I acted as the primary architect for their Internet gateway and firewall, as well as for their intranet.

My experience with firewalls and secure web servers was greatly enhanced during the time I spent at AT&T Bell Laboratories here in Columbus, Ohio. Right about the time that Bob Allen hit the "Big Company go Boom" button, though, I decided that I had enough of hacking for mega-corporations with gobs of money and an inversely proportional amount of clueful people. I worked in a great group, doing really cool things, but I didn't exactly get a warm-fuzzy that gave me much reason to believe that this would continue to be the case, so I bolted. ActiveX sucks

Another part of what I do is advocate openness and freedom in computing. Having many computing platforms in an organization is a Good ThingTM, as far as I'm concerned, because you can offset the weaknesses of all the platforms with the others' strengths, leaving you with an aggregate computing environment greater than the sum of its parts. You just can't do that by running some boring, barely functional, marketing-driven, closed, insecure quasi-OS like Winblows NT all over the place. I'm also into programming languages. I was poking around with Smalltalk recently, and came across an old FAQ, but it was so badly formatted, it was almost unreadable. So I reformatted it with LaTeX, and the result can be seen here.

Suffice it to say that my time spent with Transamerica Real Estate Tax Service as a Unix guru was started when I was supposed to be there on a temporary basis, and demonstrated to the division manager how I was able to break root the second day I was on the system.

I won't go back any further than that, lest I bore you...

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