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I AM he that aches with amorous love ;
Does the earth gravitate? does not all matter, aching, attract all
So the body of me to all I meet or know.

                  Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass
(defclass l33t ()

(defclass hacker (l33t)
  ((hack-value :accessor  hack-value
	       :initarg  :hack-value
	       :initform  t)
   (name       :reader    name
	       :initarg  :name)))

(defparameter rowland (make-instance 'hacker :name "smr")
  "And then when I do marry her, I'll show her all of those
   plan forwards in my to-do list.  Then we'll have a moment.")

(documentation 'rowland 'variable)

My World

Welcome to the world of rowland. I hack therefore I am. My world is one of simplistic complexity where goals are straight forward and sensible:

  1. Make the Internet a safe place.
  2. Hack ANSI Common Lisp.
  3. Build a new Lisp Machine.
  4. Advance the art of BSD Unix.
  5. Obtain new pet cow.

My Projects

My main endeavor is to work on stuff. A lot of stuff. My past has been mired with untold loads of Solaris system administration work. In between that and attempting to save classes and whatnot, I have had time to prepare documentation on only a slight bit of what I have actually worked on.

The list is short for now due to my random insanity affliction. I have been drawn back into the light through my newfound love of ANSI Common Lisp. Have I mentioned the fact that it rocks all over? Just wait until you see what we at Interhack are going to do with it...

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Shaun Rowland
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