Public projects, past and current, can be found here. Check back for new ones from time to time.

Action Groups for Emacs
Automated tasks in Emacs, well-managed to enhance productivity.
Vanilla Lisp Shell
A consistent Emacs interface to Lisp-family top-levels.
Digital Media Project
Here we are trying to understand the use of digital media formats, focusing especially on issues of interoperability and standards compliance.
Internet Privacy Project
This is an ongoing project that covers a number of papers and case studies that we've made and have going currently.
A system for managing secure and private Internet Mailing lists. [Hosted on SourceForge.]
rotatelog: Managing System Log files
Looking for a better way to manage log files? Wish you had a utility like the BSD newsyslog? Give this program a try. (Note: this used to be known as logrotate but we changed the name to prevent it from being confused with another, unrelated program of the same name.)
A major editing mode for Emacs designed for development of RESOLVE/C++ code.
VM--A Lisp-based Mail Client for Emacs
If you use GNU Emacs or XEmacs, you should also be using it for mail. Here's our mirror of VM, a sophisticated mail client by Kyle Jones.
32bitIP: Fun with IP addresses
IPv4 addresses are 32-bit values normally written as four eight bit values seperated by dots, commonly called "dotted quad". They don't have to be, though, they can be written as a single 32-bit integer. This can be used to confuse logs, circumvent site-blocking restrictions, exploit trust models... all kinds of good stuff. (Don't try this at home, kids!) Also, check the antidote. Image Rotation Script
Ever need more than one image to share the same space on a page? We did, and offer as a capable tool to do the job.
Lisp Plus Plus
LPP (Lisp Plus Plus), is a library of Lisp like functions and macros usable in C++ programs, by William Paul Vrotney.
Digital Library
A small collection of useful books, in HTML. cross-referenced, indexed, and searchable. After we've got a few texts online, we'll be working with them to build more intelligent and useful front-ends.
Some information about spam (not the lunch meat), what we're doing about it, and what you can do about it.
While this wasn't an interhack project, we are maintaining the project mailing list archives, and various other things related to the project. For those of you who have seen this before, these are the pages that used to be known as DESCHALL at Megasoft.

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