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Installing Agroups

If you are reading this document it is most likely that Agroups has already been installed. This chapter is only included in this document for completeness.

To make Agroups unpack it in some directory with

tar -zxvf tar-file

where tar-file is the Agroups tar file with the tgz file extension. This will create an agroups sub-directory there. Change to the agroups sub-directory and type either



./configure --prefix=PATH

The first will prepare to install Agroups under the default directory /usr/local. The second will prepare to install Agroups under a directory PATH that you provide.

Then type


To install the made Agroups system depending on the operating system and installation PATH you may need to log in as a super user. Then type

make install

The key files that get installed are


where PATH is the installation directory.

To get started you should read the Agroups user document. A quick start can be tried by just reading the Introduction chapter. The agroups.html file can be read in a web browser. So for example if the above PATH was /usr/local you can use the URL


Or if you want to read the Agroups user document in Emacs with the info command, while in Emacs type

C-u C-h i /usr/local/info/agroups

You can also get a PostScript copy of the Agroups document by changing to the directory where you typed ./configure and then change to the sub-directory doc and type

make ps

which will create a PostScript version of the Agroups user document called


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