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Action Groups Save File

The Agroups program makes group and group entries persistent by copying any changes in the memory resident Agroups structure to a disk save file when the changes happen. When the save file is updated in this way a backup is created using the standard Emacs backup mechanism. The default save file is ~/.agroups, but the user can change this by setting the variable


to a different save file in the user's ~/.emacs file. For example

(setq agroups-file "~/mydir/agroups")

The user can have as many Agroups save files as desired and can switch between them by either setting this variable or can switch between them temporarily using the operations

Set agroups Save file (keys: s s)
Set agroups Save file back to persistent (keys: s S)

So lets say the save file is the default ~/.agroups and we want to temporarily change it to ~/mydir/agroups. We would type

KA KO s s ~/mydir/agroups

When you move between different Agroups save files in this way Agroups keeps track of the persistent save file that was set in the variable agroups-file when you first run Emacs. When we want to move back to the persistent save file we type


You can view the current actual save file with the operation

View agroups Save file (experts only) (keys: v s)

This operation warns "experts only" since you need to know more or less what the meaning of this file is and unless you are a real expert you should not try to edit this file since you can really shoot yourself in the foot. This operation brings the save file up in view mode and as long as you are only viewing the file you can peruse the file without doing any damage.

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