DESCHALL Mailing List Archives

This is the official home for the DESCHALL mailing list archives. These are available in webified form, thanks to hypermail, as well as standard Unix mailbox format for all you folks who like your data raw. (I've never been one for cooked data myself. Maybe I'm strange that way.)


March 1997
The list went live in March. Rocke had been working on DESCHALL since the beginning of RSA's Secret Key Challenge. However, before this, I was working with an international group coordinated by Germano Caronni. We're the ones who found the 48-bit RC5 key.
April 1997
In April, we really got things rolling, made a few press releases, and calculated haystack sizes.
May 1997
Project awareness continues, as we get some press, increase the speed of the clients, and watch several big universities fight for the top spots on the statistics pages.
June 1997
July 1997
The list is lower-traffic now, but we're keeping it around to carry on discussions about T-shirts, and other tidbits related to DES, crypography, and distributed computing.
August 1997
We just might get those T-shirts done yet...


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