TCP gateway?

Karl J. Runge (
Sat, 29 Mar 97 19:47 PST

Hi, I'm new to this list (forgive me if I put my foot in my mouth!)

I have downloaded deschall for linux and would like to run it on my
PC, however I have a problem. I have a 24hour/day connection to the net,
but through a slip emulator. Unfortunately the UDP traffic with my
emulator is pretty buggy, and would prefer to use TCP somehow.

Has any body implemented a method by which the client can connect via a
tcp (e.g. HTTP) gateway to the keyserver (the latter connection presumably
with UDP)? This might come in handy for people behind firewalls, so I
ask if it has been thought of or done. Even an email gateway would be

I have not proved (no source code) that the deschall client uses UDP, but
I believe it does (as did the RC5 48 bit client). I understand UDP's
connectionless socket is superior to TCP for this type of application,
but I am wedged with UDP.

Short of this could somebody tell me the UDP port number the client uses?
I don't want to, but I might be able to rig up some perl scripts on both
sides of my connection transmitting the UDP information.

Thanks in advance,


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