Slip Clients

Chris Krumme (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 01:22:48 -0600

I also would like to thank all thoses who have volenteered (sp?-)
time and hardware to this project!

To better support Slip clients I would suggest the following
changes from easiest to more dificult:

Allow much larger key ranges to be requested. My 200MHz Pro does
2^30 in 2251 seconds. If I could get 24 hours worth of keys that
would help.

I have two more machines now and soon could have several more...
my current ISP does not allow a gateway arangment, I tried to
setup masquarading on my Linux server but effort vs. rewards at
the time made me give up after several days effort :-(
A system that used files or email would allow these other machines
to participate.

I know this asking time of those who have given much allready, but
I though I should at least layout a couple of ideas.

Again thanks to all.

Chris Krumme