Re: Slip Clients

Stephen Nichols (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 19:19:40 -0600

At 01:22 AM 3/30/97 -0600, you wrote:

If you have a machine you could run Windows95 or NT on
you could do what I did. I used some proxy software that
does udp port mapping. Then I run the client and tell it
the keyserver is my internet connected machine. The proxy
software maps the udp on the 8869 port of my machine to
the 8669 port on There are quite
a few shareware and one or two freeware versions of the stuff.
Just a thought. It worked for me.

It would also allow me to spend more time checking keys if I
could request a range that would take all day to check.


>I have two more machines now and soon could have several more...
>my current ISP does not allow a gateway arangment, I tried to
>setup masquarading on my Linux server but effort vs. rewards at
>the time made me give up after several days effort :-(
>A system that used files or email would allow these other machines
>to participate.
>Chris Krumme