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C Matthew Curtin (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:16:16 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Haberlach <> writes:

Adam> Also, has anyone been tracking any of the other efforts? Are
Adam> we ahead?

According to a note posted a few hours ago by Anil Das to the des-misc
list (part of the effort by the group that did 48-bit RC5, and has yet
to release any of their software), we're in the lead:

SolNET DES Challenge Attack
0.0126% done. Last known search rate: 50.704 Mkeys/sec.
Estimated time to search 50% of remaining keys: 23 years.

DES Violation Group
0.058% done. Last known search rate: 43 Mkeys/sec.
Estimated time to search 50% of remaining keys: 27 years.
(stats page under construction, so above figures not current).

Rocke Verser's DESCHALL.
0.162% done. Last known search rate: 165 Mkeys/sec.
Estimated time to search 50% of remaining keys: 7 years.

Adam> Maybe we can get some media
Adam> attention for being the first to hit 1% or 5% of the keyspace.

I sent a note to InfoWorld about the search of 48-bit RC5 keyspace,
and there was a fair bit of interest there. I think that we can
probably get some serious attention by making some sort of press
release and sending it to every trade rag, every major newspaper,
etc., and getting everyone to call their local media and point to it.

In the press release, we should describe what we're doing, and why
it's important, in terms that a reporter-gopher-type can easily
grasp. Then, further on, we can provide some details about how to
participate (i.e., run the client), and some notes about future
directions, and how folks who want to do more can help out more.

If there are no other volunteers, I suppose I could write a draft of
this and float it around the list until it looks like something

Adam> If we could get a blurb in or one of the

Maybe we can get Rocke on HotWired's "HotSeat" RealAudio show. :-)

And, of course, there's advertising in sig files (and personal home
pages), as well...

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