Proxies, configurable keyspace requests

C Matthew Curtin (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 15:06:13 -0500 (EST)

Hi Rocke, et al,

By far, the two most requested (and most important!) new features are:

1. Proxies
This can be solved relatively easily, by making the client able to
make its requests to the server in the form of HTTP GET requests.
Of course, this requires code on the server side to accept these

2. Configurable keyspace checkout size.
Infrequently connected machines (i.e., a few times a day) should be
able to check out a large enough keyspace so that they can come
back in n hours with the replies. The server's timeout on how long
keyspace can be checked out before it's treated as if it hadn't
been checked out would have to be something long enough for this to
work reasonably well, obviously.

What needs to be done for these to be accomplished? Please ask for
coders, testers, or whatever else we need; I'm somewhat reluctant to
start making too much noise about this without having at least proxies


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