Recruiting More People

Carleton Jillson (carleton@WPI.EDU)
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 21:42:52 -0500

First off, let's look at the top ten contributors: #4 is 207.196, which I
have no idea what it is, except judging by the amount it puts forth with
just one computer, must be 1 hell of a computer..., #10 is, which
kinda speaks for itself. All the remaining are .EDU's....
Colleges/universities have immense computing power, and unlike businesses,
much of it is untapped except to play games. (Actually, that's not entirely
true... from experience, many businesses seem to have a lot of computer
power that is only used for things like Quake, but I digress :) At WPI, my
school, and current 2nd placer (GO TECH!), 24 personal computers are
currently spewing out 748064*2^20 keys per second. This is pretty
impressive considering that these are just individual owned computers; the
head honchos of our computer labs seem to have decreed that deschall shall
not be run on school computers... If some sort of inter-school rivalry could
be setup, I think a lot more people would be willing to take part. This
would be especially true at places like MIT, RPI, RIT, WPI, and other techie
schools, where there are enough dedicated computer scientists who would care
about such things, and coincidentally enough, tend to have powerful
computers to crack considerable numbers of codes...