Re: Recruiting More People

Ronjeet Singh Lal (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 11:15:13 -0600 (CST)

Hi All!

I have a few comments on "Recruiting More People".

1. As for the .EDU domains, probably the easiest machines you may have
access to are all the computers in the dorms. These days the students at
many universities have ethernet in the dorm rooms and don't pay monthly
electrical bills. If you can contact those students, I feel the number of
machines would greatly increase. Besides "Crack DES" has a hacker spirit
to it that most college students would be willing to join. Yes, the
computer labs are the best places since there are so many machines and an
administrator, but I can sympathize with the sys admin. One stupid program
playing with any of the system configurations could cost them dearly. (I'm
not saying DESCHAL is such a program. Just try to understand the sys
admins position.) The press release should help in all our recruiting.

2. As for .COM domains... I think we could get some corporate support from
the computer manufacturers if we present the benefits for finding the key.
If the key were found on say a Compaq machine, Compaq could claim that
their new workstations are fast. (This is not to say that I am supporting
the claim.) Breaking DES on a machine could give the manufacturer a few
nice press releases about how well their machines work and are
constructed. I know Cray/SGI put out press releases on the last largest
prime number they discovered. Although the largest prime discovered to
date was not on a Cray, it still looks nice that Cray can claim to have
discovered several of the largest prime numbers. By the way this can also
work for the universities...

Keep up the good work,