RE: Recruiting More People; .EDU sites (rambles)

Justin Dolske (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 12:44:34 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Adam Haberlach wrote:

> > Note: We have enough data by now that I'm thinking of writing a
> > script to generate graphs of our search rate with regard to time, to
> > see if we can correlate with things like spring break and holidays).

Funny, I was just about to sit down and to the same thing... :-)

> > He is so impressed by our being first place, and the odds that we're
> > going to win that he is now prosetylizing around campus to everyone
> > else in Wintel platforms, trying to drum up more support.

FWIW, it's interesting that the client that found the key for the 48bit
RC5 client wasn't in the top 10. It was like 30th on the list by top

On another note, have any .edu users figured out what to do with the $$$
if you win? After all, we're using school resources, and most (all?)
schools have rules about using systems for personal profit. I havn't dealt
with the issue yet, but I'd probably just be donating it to EFF or someone

> > We are currently waiting for word from some of the Engineering
> > profs for a blessing to set the HP-PA client up on around 200 HP 7xx
> > machines run by the department.

Sounds exactly like my set up. :-)

> > [2] We buttered him up with the prestige that being part of the first
> > successful project to crack DES would bring, especially if we were the
> > top search contributers when it happened.

Well, this isn't actually the first successful DES crack. [Even if you
discount the virtual certainty that the NSA does it all the time. :)] At
least one chosen-plaintext attack has been done as a demonstration (took
about 4 days with 30 workstations). This is a little different than a
brute force attack, though...

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