Legal advice on crypto export, two other things

C Matthew Curtin (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 01:09:00 -0500 (EST)


I've got some friend-of-a-friend things going on to get some
information about US crypto export law, and its applicability to our
project. Two big things:

* A student (not yet licensed) is doing a paper on the very topic and
might be able to provide us with some useful information. I've
given the "yes, we're interested in getting in touch with him"
note, but don't have specific info back.

* Another possibility is posting to Lots
of lawyers hang out there are are willing to spend a little time
helping folks like us (obviously hoping that someone will see their
expertise and contact them for work-for-pay at some point.) We're
cautioned, though, that not everyone there who espouses "wisdom" is
a lawyer, or giving us good information.

As an aside, a number of folks from the list have sent me things in
the last day or so, and I haven't been able to reply yet. Things are
insane work-wise, and I'm queuing things, not blowing you off. Given
the current rate of new_work + backlog, I might spend a fair bit of
next week maintaining email silence. This is all just FYI.

Also, is there someone who is willing to be the press contact (or
should we say "first line of defense"?) Rocke mentioned that doesn't
particularly tickle his fancy, and I'm likely to be so buried that
I'll be able to reply to media queries as quickly as I should.
Obviously, this should be someone who is articulate and familiar with
what we're dealing with so that any follow-up questions can be
correctly answered.

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