RE: Number of Clients/IP Addreress
Thu, 03 Apr 97 12:46:34 EST

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Sent: Thursday, April 03, 1997 12:35 PM
Subject: Number of Clients/IP Addreress

>Assign each client a unique ID number. The best way I see to do
>this would be to have each Deschall client request a unique ID
>number from the server on it's initial connection, this way nobody
>would have to try and assign a unique number to every client out
>there it would be handled by the server. If the client doesn't request
>a unique ID number just continue on as normal so it doesn't break
>existing clients.

I like it. Two silly questions though, where would the ID numbers be stored, on
the client end, or the server end? If it's stored at the server end, what
happens if there are two many ID's assigned? And how do the machines generate
their first individual ID, some kind of time-date-stamp?

My second question is, if you have ID's, you might want to set some variable,
tied to a particular ID with an identification of some sort. I know in my
example, I'd want to identify all the machines I'd be faking IP addresses for
(Each machine would appear to be something at.167.20, I'd just like to keep
track of them, both for the stats, and to narrow down people complaints.

Good idea though, really!