RE: Final (?) Draft of Press Release
Fri, 04 Apr 97 07:35:10 EST

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>On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, guy albertelli <> wrote:
>> This place may have only one tine, but it sure is big.
>> 681984*2^20 1 207.196
>> Anyone know what this beast is?
>It might be a udp proxy handling a number of machines. Or would
>a Quad PPro 200 be around that rate?

I don't know if it's comparable. I tested the a Compaq Pentium-Pro 200 (w/ 512
cache) 4-Way Server, and it made 2.2 million keys per second under BrydDes.
Unfortunately there was no way to map an IP address to test it. :(

BTW, I written some perl scripts to redirect udp traffic on my two
(pitifully slow) machine home LAN to the keyserver (udp traffic on my
slip link is flakey). It's been working well for 5 days now (Well, Rocke
hasn't complained that I'm messing up the server). If any body has a
situation where they think they may benefit from something like this
just drop me a line.

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