RE: intel-clone CPU's
Fri, 04 Apr 97 07:38:28 EST

>From what I have observed of Intel Clones (5X86 and AMD K5 clones) they don't
seem to process math as efficently as Pentiums do. I don't know if it's by
design or do they have to be written to some specific manner. For comparison's
sake, an AMD K-something, it's equivalant to a 75 Mhz Pentium, seems to run just
a bit faster than a DX4-100. I don't know, I'm not an expert in MPU design but
it definately seems odd.

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Subject: intel-clone CPU's


Has anyone else been using deschall with intel clone CPU's? For some
reason the 586-133 linux box here is processing keys at a rate closer to
my 486dx2-66 linux box than my P90 OS/2 computer (and the P90 does about
twice as many keys as the 486). Are there any plans on releasing intel
clone editions of deschall (I'm upgrading to a 686-P200 clone soon), as it
seems strange that the 586 clone should be so much slower than the P90.

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