Press Release, getting publicity

C Matthew Curtin (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 05:56:12 -0400 (EDT)

The official press release (and call for clients :-) is now available

I think it would be a Good Thing for everyone to get ahold of their
local media, give them the one-line blurb that will likely be the way
to catch their attention:

'one of the most widely used encryption algorithms -- including in the
banking and finance industries -- is being proven no longer secure by
this group. Here's the press release, if you want to put a local spin
on it, I'm participating, so ask me questions or whatever...'

When I was trying to make some noise when we broke the 48-bit RC5 key,
I definitely learned that a one-liner like that will go much further
toward getting the desired result than trying to explain the
significance of it to whoever picks up the phone.

We should probably also coordinate our efforts in contacting press
types so that we don't send 84 pointers of it to one source, and miss
others. I encourage folks to give a pointer to the URL to media
types, especially trade press, and then post here where you've sent
the pointers.

Have at it :-)

PS to Columbus (Ohio)-types... I already mailed the Dispatch.

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