New client developers

Rocke Verser (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:14:10 -0600

I'm happy to announce that Justin Dolske and Guy Albertelli,
have been granted access to the DESCHALL source code and are
working diligently to port the code to other platforms.

Between them, Guy and Justin have access to a wide variety of
platforms. The supersparc, mips, and forthcoming Digital
Unix Alpha ports are the result of Guy's work. :-)

Justin is doing some other work to be announced shortly.

My policy remains that the source code is not generally
available. Guy and Justin have each signed an iron-clad
non-disclosure agreement. Please do not ask them to violate
their agreements, which include source code, algorithms, and
protocols. Under the terms of our agreements, these items are
considered confidential trade secrets.

My primary reason for not releasing the code is the US Government's
Export policies. If the US Government lifts their embargo on
cryptographic products while this project is underway, I intend to
release the DESCHALL source code. I don't believe that is likely.

And even though DES is on its last legs, there may be some
commercial value in the world's fastest Pentium DES code.
Frankly, I wouldn't mind recouping some of my costs through

So... A hearty welcome and thanks to Guy and Justin!!!

-- Rocke