Media contact and a question

Jensen Harris (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 20:09:41 -0400 (EDT)

I have taken the liberty of contacting the New Haven Register as
instructed in an earlier e-mail.

I have a quick question. I have basically two machines (sometimes three)
which I can afford cycles on--a P-90 and a P-150, both running NT and idle
much of the time. I've been running the clients since two days ago, but I
have this question: is it worth the time? I'm certainly not after the
money, so that's not my concern. However, the number of cycles these two
machines contribute is miniscule compared to the number of keys being
processed every day. It's not even a drop in the bucket.

Any thoughts? Could two mid-range PC's make a difference, or is it more
of an annoyance to the system than anything else?