RE: Media contact and a question

Adam Haberlach (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:29:49 -0700

>I have a quick question. I have basically two machines
(sometimes three)
> >which I can afford cycles on--a P-90 and a P-150, both running NT and
> idle
> >much of the time. I've been running the clients since two days ago,
> but I
> >have this question: is it worth the time? I'm certainly not after
> the
> >money, so that's not my concern. However, the number of cycles these
> two
> >machines contribute is miniscule compared to the number of keys being
> >processed every day. It's not even a drop in the bucket.
> >Any thoughts? Could two mid-range PC's make a difference, or is it
> more
> >of an annoyance to the system than anything else?
> The more machines, the better. Period.
> Unless the server starts blowing chunks due to traffic, every
> little bit helps.
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> Adam Haberlach
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