Re: Media contact and a question

Rocke Verser (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 18:27:54 -0600

> I have a quick question. I have basically two machines (sometimes three)
> which I can afford cycles on--a P-90 and a P-150, both running NT and idle
> much of the time. I've been running the clients since two days ago, but I
> have this question: is it worth the time? I'm certainly not after the
> money, so that's not my concern. However, the number of cycles these two
> machines contribute is miniscule compared to the number of keys being
> processed every day. It's not even a drop in the bucket.
> Any thoughts? Could two mid-range PC's make a difference, or is it more
> of an annoyance to the system than anything else?

Yesterday, 32,224 unique keyspaces were tested. These keyspaces
represented a total of 23.9e12 keys. So the average keyspace
was between 2^28 and 2^29 pairs.

Even though Pentium's are "mid-range PC's", the Pentium clients often
outperform $20,000 boxes.

If your boxes peak at 2^25 pairs per keyspace, you may someday be
considered an annoyance. But all Pentiums peak at 2^29 or 2^30
pairs. Unless you are abandoning many keyspaces and starting over
with 2^22 pairs, I assure you, "Your contribution is *NOT* miniscule,
and you are not an annoyance!"

Thanks for your support!

-- Rocke