Alpha (Digital Unix) client now available

Rocke Verser (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 21:55:45 -0600

Greetings, all!

Digital Unix Alpha (32-bit) clients are now available. The clients
are not yet at the MPJ NACA, so you'll need to complete my form
(<>), if you want me to send
you a client.

Just a reminder that there are no redistribution restrictions on
the DESCHALL clients, aside from that imposed by the US and/or
Canadian Governments.

While MPJ has been *very cooperative* about uploading clients,
the DESCHALL clients are right next to the DVG clients in the MPJ
NACA index, and I think some people may have mistakenly gotten
DVG clients, while looking for DESCHALL clients. :-(

Happy hunting! :-)

-- Rocke