Optimizations for non-assembly versions?

Andrew Sterian (asterian@eecs.umich.edu)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 02:01:24 -0400 (EDT)

I, too, have noticed poorer-than-expected performance from HP-PA
machines and it (somehow) reminded me of a GNU program that I
have never used but could prove useful. It is called Superopt. Here
is its description from the GNU Bulletin

Superopt is a function sequence generator that uses an exhaustive
generate-and-test approach to find the shortest instruction
sequence for a given function. You provide a function as input, a
CPU to generate code for, and how many instructions you want. Its
use in GCC is described in the `ACM SIGPLAN PLDI'92 Proceedings'.
It supports: SPARC, m68k, m68020, m88k, IBM POWER and PowerPC, AMD
29k, Intel x86 & 960, Pyramid, DEC Alpha, Hitachi SH, & HP-PA.

I remember someone saying the code was compiled with -O3 but this
superopt thing sounds like it could do better. Any chance the folks
who compile the client code can give this package a try?

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