Out of curiosity

Jensen Harris (jensen.harris@yale.edu)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 03:57:48 -0400

BTW, in regards to the earlier thread about Pentiums... my Pentium 150 peaks at
2^31 under NT, my P-90 at 2^30.

Anyway, I now have Deschall running on Pentiums here, UNIX boxes there, an old
OS/2 box, etc... and I wondered the following:

Although only one of us will ever see the message, what exactly does the
Deschall client do when it finds the magical pair? Does it inform the server?
What does the server do? What information gets printed on the screen of the
client? If I'm running Deschall in the background and only check my stdout
logs once every couple of days, will someone know that it has been cracked--or
not until I check the logs?

Just curious. I'm going to check with a sysadmin here about the possibility of
adding 30 Penitum-200 Linux boxes... we'll see what happens. :)