RE: Boot Disks?
Thu, 10 Apr 97 07:25:24 EST

I don't know about everyone else, I'd love to get some Win 3.1
diskettes. My biggest problem would be configuring each of the machines to
speak TCP/IP and that rot. 90% of the machines I can get access to run Windows
3.1, 200 x Pentium 166 = Lots of idle cycles?

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From: Rocke Verser <>
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 1997 12:38 AM
Subject: Boot Disks?

Has anyone created Linux Mac PPC, Linux x86, or FreeBSD x86 boot
diskettes that can run DESCHALL?

There are lots of people who usually run Win 3.1 or a native
Macintosh O/S.