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Thu, 10 Apr 1997 13:22:31 -0400

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>I like the publicity angle. It might attract a lot more attention from
>who would normally never do a search for a topic like DES. Is anyone
>in even attempting to write the necessary code?

Two comments on this whole Java issue:

Performance on some platforms would probably not be as bad as
some people have surmised. I have NOT looked at the deschall code
(or that of any DES cracker, for that matter) so I'm totally surmising
here, but JITs have gotten tremendously better lately -- so much so that
JQuake (yes, a Java implementation of Quake) actually runs _very_ smoothly
in 320x200 on a good machine under IE. Microsoft's next-generation
VM is even faster. I have no idea about the size of DESCHAL's working
set, though, and the issue of the VM's priority setting is possibly also
a problem.

Secondly, the wide variation in performance under different JITs and VMs
means that we almost certainly couldn't get any good estimate of how
well the person's system would run the actual DESCHAL client.

All that said, I still think the publicity aspect of it has potential,
especially if the Java client could say something along the lines of
"Your machine just churned through xxxxxxxx bits of key space. Want More?"
People are impressed by big numbers :)

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