Re: New to Linux---help!!

Michael Smith (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 19:53:15 -0600

I appreciate all the help so far. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck

Okay, let me start from the top and make sure that I did everything
right. The original file that I got was Unzipped,
there were several files, including the Linux 486 file
(deschall-linux-486). I unzipped it to a temp dir, and FTP'ed it to
my Linux box. Logged in as root (and later as Mike), changed to the
dir the file was uploaded to, tried to run it, got a permission
denied. Chmod'ed it (chmod +x des.../chmod 777 des.../chmod 755
des.../etc.) . Tried to run it again, got a 'No such file or
directory'. Have also tried ./deschall-linux-486.

Sound right?? I don't know what else to do.

Any more ideas?

Michael Smith
Fort Worth, TX