Re: Redirection of the DES log file...

Rich Wacaser (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 00:02:27 -0500

It's been quite a while since I had a linux box running, but I believe that
you can redirect the standard output and the "standard error" to a file by
using >& instead of >

deschall-linux-486 >& des.log &

This may put the "Selftest Passed" output in the logfile instead of the

> I'm not piping the output to a file but I know a lot of other people are.

> Even if you fork it into the background with an ampersand on the command
> line, you're still going to see the output (which can be annoying). To
> pipe the output (which can be searched and useful later), you would type
> either:
> deschall-linux-486 > des.log &
> or
> ./deschall-linux-486 > des.log &
> Note that you will still see Selftest Passed (doesn't get logged for some
> reason.. hmm). Also note that if you stop the program and restart it and
> want to continue adding (appending) to the log, you need to change the
> command line to either:
> deschall-linux-486 >> des.log &
> or
> ./deschall-linux-486 >> des.log &
> (Remember, these examples are for the 486 client.. if you use the pentium
> client simply change the command line accordingly)
> Hope this helps some of the linux people out there who are just
> learning...