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C Matthew Curtin (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:50:37 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Albert" == Albert Garrido at RUPOST2 <> writes:

Albert> Has anyone thought what we're going to do with this vast array
Albert> of computing power once DES is cracked? Move down the list to
Albert> the next RSA challenge?

Well, Rocke's software has been specifically for DES.

If there's going to be a coordination of effort for an RC5 attack, I
would suggest coordinating that effort through the same group that did
48-bit RC5. It isn't hard to tweak that software to make it search
for other keysizes.

However, 56-bit RC5 will require significantly more compute cycles
than DES. I believe that we're going to be getting to a point where
one would need to spend a little bit of money (~$400) on some FPGA
equipment in order to do the cracks efficiently. General purpose
computers really aren't suited well for this kind of thing. The fact
that we can do it with general purpose computers only serves to stress
how stupid it is to use small keys for crypto these days.

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