RE: Resources.

Adam Haberlach (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 08:30:13 -0700

> >>However, 56-bit RC5 will require significantly more compute cycles
> >>than DES. I believe that we're going to be getting to a point where
> >>one would need to spend a little bit of money (~$400) on some FPGA
> >>equipment in order to do the cracks efficiently. General purpose
> >I guess we should start saving our pennies for some kind of neat-o
> parallel port
> >attachment to do this with. Is it an angle even worth pursuing?
> Nah, it would probably be most efficient to set up some sort of
> back-plane with lots of slots, and then build little 8051 (or whatever
> you prefer) microprocessor boards that can be hot-swapped into and out
> of them. Then you need to ramp up production until you win.
> Unfortunately, this costs money and uses it isn't
> as 'free' as this effort is...
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