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But, in this case, competition is bad. If every year another DES brute =
force group comes out, and people keep switching, we'll never find the =

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A good question, indeed. Perhaps the money! I must admit, I donated a =
cycles to the DES Violation Group but quickly decided the DESCHALL was
where I wanted to focus my efforts (however minimal they may be).

They have as much right to attempt to find the key as we do. And while =
could save some years of computing time by combining the efforts, that
$10,000 quickly gets chopped up between competing programmers and so =
Should the money be donated to charity to avoid these kind of
entanglements? I don't think so.. at least not all of it. And some of =
people who would donate it to charity do so only because of taxes. I'd
sure like to put that money into more processing power for the rest of =

Anyway, what if everyone followed the boat on everything? Others may
approach it differently and show that brute force isn't the only way.=20
Still others may disagree with the way keys are being doled or whatever. =

COMPETITION IS GOOD! That makes it a race to the finish, IMHO. And =
we're trying to prove a point, we're also learning and adapting to make =
process more efficient. The more angles this scrutiny and competition
occurs at, the better we can attack the ITAR, which is our main goal

Personally, I am just happy to participate. I visited the web pages of
other brute force attacks too late, finding the competition over with =
the winners (and losers) announced. I've been waiting for it to happen
again and wouldn't be here without (as much as some may scoff =
that). I did 49 billion keys yesterday, while pale to some, boggles my
mind. And I'm recruiting more power by the day. I convinced one of my
friends to run it on his dual processor Pentium Pro 200 and while he has
only been able to get one processor to work at it currently, he is =
like 850,000 kps. While this contest is designed to show the weaknesses =
DES, with the charts and stats I have seen at the DESCHALL home page, I
wonder how insecure it really is...
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Subject: what's the story?

>What's the story with the DES Violation Group? WHY ARE WE COMPETING
>~Bill Moller