Re: Client archive & RE: what's the story?

Icepick (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 18:46:29 -0500

At 07:34 PM 4/11/97 -0400, Joshua Weage wrote:
> RE: what's the story? MTU has just recently
>jumped quite high in the ratings, we have a lot of students
>on campus who are running deschal on their machines. I also
>just setup 6 Sun Workstations, each with 4 processors
>to run deschal during the night hours, should help
>mtu's score also :).

Ah, good old Tech. I graduated from there about 14 months
ago, and was just up visiting last week.

I mention DESCHALL to two people, on goes an posts to the
local annouce newsgroup, and lo and behold half of campus
starts it up.

Gotta love that. :)

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