Re: feature request for DESChall client

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 16:50:13 -0400

> I've noticed that most of the other groups running DES cracks have
> an option in their client to specify an "email address" to be
> associated with the person running the client on their machine(s).
> I'm running it on 6 machines at the moment from three
> different domains. I'd really like to get that warm, and fuzzy
> feeling of seeing where I rank, without having to waste hundreds, or
> thousands of CPU cycles using calculator to add up the number of key
> blocks myself. I could be devoting those valuable cycles to
> deschall!

Just use a hand calculator. (or does Rocke have a client for those
as well, if he does I can add 15 or so more systems to the effort?) ;>

> Also..what is Rocke planning on doing with the prize money? Is he
> going to give some to the person who finds the key, send to charity,
> send his kids to college, or buy everyone who participates a keg of
> beer?

He get's 60% of it and the client that finds the key can claim the
remaining 40% (check the web page for further details).