RE: Looking at the stats...

Jensen Harris (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 06:47:23 -0400

On Saturday, April 12, 1997 6:24 AM, Karl J. Runge
[] wrote:
> My speculation: 4-5 months from now, Aug-Sept.

I think the numbers are very, very interesting. We shall see, I guess...

One pleasant thought--of course, because the "needle" could be anywhere in the
haystack, any key has the same possibility of being the correct key than any
other one--we just happen to narrow down the haystack by millions of pieces of
hay every second.

It is entirely possible that they code could be cracked today--or tomorrow. Or
in 5 days. Or whatever. Especially since it is *one* code (and not a large
sample of 56-bit encrypted codes), the laws of probability mean fairly little.
All we can really say is "this is how many we've done so far, and this is how
many are left. If we get really, really unlucky, we would crack it on the
latest at X date".

Wouldn't it be great to crack it though with < 1% of the keyspace searched? I
mean, we would know it's an anomaly, but imagine the press take on it... it
certainly would make a statement about the strength of DES encryption.

Ah, well, we can only hope... :)