Re: Completion time oversight
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 13:07:01 +0900

1997/04/12 23:42:10 -0400に"Scott McIntyre" <>さんに頂いた
「Completion time oversight」への返事です。
>One thing that has been completely ignored in all the estimates
>of the completion time for this thing is that students go home for
>the summer in about a month. When that happens the curve will
>probably stop rising and might even start to fall. Then it should
>pick up again in September.

I dunno. I think that with a lot less students using up University
Computer resources for real work, that will leave a lot more CPU
cycles free for DES-cracking. Besides, looking at the stats, it would
appear that a lot of the CPU work is coming from corporations and
ISP's, so those certainly shouldn't drop off during the summer.

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