Re: Completion time oversight

Brian Osman (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 00:25:22 -0400 wrote:
> I dunno. I think that with a lot less students using up University
> Computer resources for real work, that will leave a lot more CPU
> cycles free for DES-cracking. Besides, looking at the stats, it would
> appear that a lot of the CPU work is coming from corporations and
> ISP's, so those certainly shouldn't drop off during the summer.
> --
> Drew Hamilton -- --

Sorry, but he's absolutely, correct. We're going to take a huge hit
in progress come summer. Speaking as one of the coordinators at RPI,
99% of the work being done here is on student-owned machines on the
Dorm-ethernet. The Pentium code is optimized to no-end and puts the
UNIX based code to shame, mainly for that reason. Besides, many schools
don't like the students taking over the lab machines for this sort of
thing. (I got my hand slapped.)

Additionally, even if we were all going to magically stop using the
computers, it also becomes just as difficult to leave it running on
the school computers if we're not here...

Finally, I don't know if you've actually looked at the stats, but
to say that lots of CPU work is coming from .com .net sites would
seem just plain wrong:

4060456*2^20 275 orst.EDU.
3152296*2^20 117 rpi.EDU.
1891744*2^20 1 anonymous2.anonymous.
1566992*2^20 91 mtu.EDU.
1415752*2^20 197 ohio-state.EDU.
1299424*2^20 61 rit.EDU.
1115576*2^20 164 byu.EDU.
1008600*2^20 39 wpi.EDU.
738312*2^20 14
738304*2^20 27 duke.EDU.
689864*2^20 27 msu.EDU.
678912*2^20 11 ucdavis.EDU.
674048*2^20 28 tjhsst.EDU.

That's 11 out of the top 13!!! Many keys. Be afraid, be very afraid.