Re: Completion time oversight

C Matthew Curtin (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 11:23:27 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Pat" == Pat Carr <> writes:

Pat> This is going to be a very serious problem unless we can find a
Pat> solution (if there is a solution). Of the top 20 domains, at
Pat> least 14 are .edu (possibly as high as 17). Those 14 domains
Pat> contain about 61-62% of the total DESCHALL clients. Since it is
Pat> impossible to stop students from coming home from school, we must
Pat> either make an effort to get lab computers involved or get more
Pat> .com and .net domains, or both.

I think we should do all of the above.

* Getting hand optimized clients for other architectures (i.e.,
SPARC) would be especially useful, so that lab computers that do
get involved and can crank all summer can have reasonable results.

* Making more people (.edu and folks alike) aware of the
project, and motivated to help. We seem to be doing well in terms
of getting more folks to participate, but we should be encouraging
those who join us to encourage others to join us...

One recommendation that has not yet been made, but would be useful,
is making local ISPs aware of our efforts, perhaps forwarding them
the press release, and even asking that they put it up (or link to
it) from their web sites, or sending it via email to their users.

* Code is in the works to make folks behind firewalls more easily
able to participate, without requiring tweaks to the firewall
(i.e., opening up ACLs on routers, adding udprelay to bastion
hosts, etc.) I'm testing the stuff right now, and the one who did
the real work on it can announce it when it's done. :-)

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