Re: Completion time oversight

Matrix (Matrix@ThePentagon.Com)
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 18:22:55 -0400

Karl J. Runge wrote:
> > >One thing that has been completely ignored in all the estimates
> > >of the completion time for this thing is that students go home for
> > >the summer in about a month. When that happens the curve will
> > >probably stop rising and might even start to fall. Then it should
> > >pick up again in September.
> We are in a phenomenal rate of growth the past 3-4 days: 20-25% *per day*
> If the exponential growth model doesn't bust, from fitting over the last
> 4 days, we'd be 1/2 done on Wed May 7, and all the way done Sun May 11
> with 289080 and 643500 hosts, respectively. Yow!
> It will be very interesting to see how "elastic" the current Internet is
> to this sort of project. Can it get that high or will we hit "the wall"???

Well, that growth in the past 3-4 days has been mainly due to stuff
going on over here at MTU... a bunch of us here have been spreading the
word, and setting up scripts on all the lab computers..

in these few days, we went from 5 unique hosts and 24th place, to 132
unique hosts and 3rd place..

This booming expantion is limited though, and I exspect it to level out
or at least slow down in about a week or so... We're currently on an
effort to run the scripts on the remaining computer labs, and myself and
many others have been convincing many other students to start crackin'
away on thier nice fast pentiums... but still, the growth is going to
slow within a few weeks..

So I suppose this is a message to anyone out there that doesn't have
thier entire university cracking DES.. all it takes is a few messages
on newsgroups, and a little effort on your part.

Here at MTU, in 2 days, we had an offical web page whipped up by Matt
Jachimstal, and Tom Schumm (aka Phong) had a a perl script and a ftp
site all ready for us to send our log files to, for a web page that
would calculate local statistics here at MTU. I was amazed at how much
we had done in so little time.. not just cracking codes, but everything
else as well..

> So we just might BE DONE BEFORE Summer vacation. Keep watching ... and keep
> spreading the word!

So yeah.. definatly keep spreading the word.. it just takes a lil push
to get the ball rolling, and soon it'll take on a life of it's own..