Some random thoughts...

M. Heroux (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 19:58:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hey fellow CPU-hogs :)

Sorry if this thread has been covered in the past, but I think people
working on the DES Violation Group are attracted to it because the
statistics are so detailed... *PLUS* you can gain recognition by attaching
your e-mail address to the work you did.

For example, at my university (U of Washington), we have thousands of
computers that could theoretically work on this project.. But so many are
interested in the recognition, that just being a number under the domain distracts them...

So, in conclusion, I think we could get MORE people interested in the
project if we offered some better statistics.. and offered a way to
"register" the keys that your machines processed.

One more thought.. We have a bunch of alpha-based clusters running OSF1..
Are these machines even worth getting a client compiled.. ?

I must also add that I really appreciate all the feedback this list
gives... Its really a change from the other lists Im on.

I would also be MORE than happy to volunteer some HTML skills to spice up
our pages. We're doing a great job - lets not let the momentum slow down.